Kenya Adventure Tours

We offer you the opportunity to experience the best of Kenya adventure tours. Explore the flora and fauna, the diverse cultural communities, the breathtaking scenic features and numerous Bird species found in Kenya. Our packages focus on groups and private tours. Tailor-made safaris are available on request. Our wide range of tour packages combine each of the unique safari experiences, to give you the very best of a Kenya Adventure safari. Featured below are some of the main activities for the safaris we offer.

Camping Tours

Camping safaris offer adventurers an opportunity to bond and interact with other adventurers. The beauty in camping tours is that, armed with necessary legal permits, adventurers can camp wherever they choose. Freedom to camp and spend nights under an open and starry sky, while in the company of friends gathered around a bonfire, is always a worthwhile experience. continue reading on Kenya camping tours

Bird Watching

Our guides have a wide knowledge base on the different bird species found in the different parts of Kenya. The ability to study different bird species in their natural habitats is one of the advantages associated with embarking on a Kenya bird-watching tour. The location of each bird species in its habitat within Kenya is unique. More on our Bird-watching safari packages.

Cultural Tours

Organizing and creating the opportunity for cultural visits in the course of ceremonial cultural interactions and events might prove a daunting task. However, we have worked hard to ensure that you are served with the possibility of experiencing cultural events and participate in communal ceremonial events among community members as it happens real-time. Contact us for your chance to take part in cultural tours within Kenya. Cultural tours involve visits to some of the most popular cultural communities in the country, such as the Masai Ceremonial Events.Read more on Cultural tour Packages.

Mountain climbing

Kenya is home to some of the highest mountains in Africa. Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro are among the highest mountains found within and along the Kenyan border. Embarking on a Mountain climb on any of the mountains within Kenya takes a few days, and is always exiting in the case of group-travelers. There are different routes that lead to the peak of the mountain in each case. Choice of a particular mountain climbing route over others is based on availability of time. Continue reading on Mountain Climbing tours.

Hiking Tours

Hiking trips are a good way of unwinding. Friends or colleagues offer good company when you are trying to beat a hiking challenge. The focus of our hiking tour packages is on helping you gain a sense of achievement, and maintaining your health fitness. You can set your own milestones in the course of hiking events, or adopt our recommended hiking milestones. Most of the hiking tours take place in the course of 24 hours, thus saving you money while giving you the thrill of embarking on adventure. Contact us for bookings of a hiking tour.