A Unique and Memorable Cultural Experience: Bomas of Kenya Excusrion


This Bomas of Kenya tour will give you the opportunity to share in the the local people's culture and lifestyle.

The Bomas of Kenya hosts traditional song and dance performances by members from the different cultural communities in Kenya. It offers a way of appreciating the differences between Kenya's different tribes, in a friendly atmosphere. 

The Bomas of Kenya is a perfect example of a Kenyan Cultural hot-spot, which offers a display of the different vibrant Kenyan cultures. It is among the few places around Nairobi City where you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Kenya's cultural communities, at a friendly rate.

The performers are usually dressed in traditional attire, and perform in front of an eager audience. Excitement saturates the atmosphere as traditional song and dance bridge the gap between African tradition and modernity. Near the end of the dances, the excitement reaches a climax, as the audience from all over the auditorium is drawn in the performance. The dancers, audience, and singers all join together in the traditional dance and song. It is a place worth a visit during your visit to Nairobi.

At the Bomas of Kenya, you will also have the opportunity of visiting the traditional homesteads, which are replicas of the traditional homsteads owned by Kenyan communities.

The auditorium opens on weekdays (2:30-4:00 pm) and weekends+Public Holidays (3:30-5:15pm). On weekends and public holidays, the management grants access to traditional villages (10:00am - 6:00pm).

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