Nairobi City Tour

 This tour will give you the opportunity to explore the attractions within Nairobi city. Popularly referred to as the green city under the sun, Nairobi is Kenya's capital and is home to unique attractions and getaway locations. The buildings within the city stand as landmarks and a treasure trove of the city's long history. The guidance of an experienced city tour guide will ensure you discover the interesting stories behind most of the buildings and attraction sites within Nairobi.

As you join a group of other tourists to explore the city or choose to do a privately guided tour, you will learn more about the city's vibrant nature and how it's all connected to the friendliness of locals. Also, gain information on the role of colonialism and the importance and influence of the struggle for independence in shaping Nairobi city into what it is today. 

Get in touch with us to book a tour of Nairobi city. Handpicked attractions around the city will ensure you get value in the duration spent on the tour. 

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